Above is a picture of Joseph Fourier, the French mathematician after whom the next phase of our course is named. Since our current textbook does not cover Fourier series and Fourier transforms, we will temporarily be switching references. Our new reference for the next three weeks will be a set of lecture notes by Brad Osgood, titled The Fourier Transform and its Applications. We will only be covering the first two chapters of these notes before moving on to study Laplace transforms in the final phase of our course.

I highly encourage everyone to read these notes. Unlike the recent sections in Goode-Annin, these notes are much more reader friendly and provide terrific insights, historical background, and real-world examples. Most of the early sections are very short and can be read quickly.

Below is a link to the first chapter of these notes, which will carry us for the next three weeks. I will also bring printed copies of these notes to Tuesday’s lecture, so feel free to hold off printing any for yourself. (The PDF is also always available for download on our website. Click the link “Reference for Fourier Material” in the Course Material section.)