Due to emergency meetings related to the COVID-19 situation, I need to modify remaining office hours this week.

  • On Thursday, I will be holding a “virtual” office hour from 12:10–1 pm. I’ll be at my computer (at home), ready to respond to emails, video chats, etc. If you want to video chat (e.g., via Skype, FaceTime, Google Duo, etc.), just send me a quick email with your contact info.
  • On Friday, I will hold a regular in-person office hour from 10:10–11 am.

I will also be holding some type of office hours next week. I will decide on the details this weekend and post the information as soon as I do. Also remember that tomorrow’s class is an informal Q&A day. If you come, you’re welcome to ask lots of questions!

As always, you’re also welcome to email me with questions anytime!